Energy Land and Infrastructure (ELI)

Energy Land & Infrastructure, LLC (ELI) formed to meet the growing need for professional engineering and field services in the infrastructure market place and provides a unique integrated service model with unparalleled expertise. ELI is committed to staying abreast of the constantly changing industry trends and technologies and updating our cutting edge professional services to successfully address the burgeoning energy market, creative new land developments, and aging infrastructure. We consistently deliver value with commitment to unwavering principles through a broad array of services.

ELI possesses a unique expertise and diversity of services promising great benefit and value to clients throughout the Southeast. Our team approach promises that our talented professionals will always collaborate to deliver projects in the most timely and cost effective manner practical. From conceptual stages to final as-built data collection and records, ELI delivers unparalleled service with uncompromised principles.

We are very proud of our excellent reputation and trusting relationship with our existing clients and look forward to sharing our vision of growth while exceeding market expectations.

Natural Gas Infrastructure

Natural Gas Infrastructure

Transportation Infrastructure

Transportation Infrastructure

Environmental and Water Resources

Environmental & Water Resources

Environmental Services and Permitting

Hydraulics & Hydrology

Civil Works

Civil Works

Municipal and Utility Services

Land Development and Civil Works

Land and Field Services

Land & Field Services

Surveying and GPS

Construction Administrative & Observation Services

GIS & Asset Management